The Benefits of Office Coffee Delivery in Utah

82% of the Americans consume approximately two cups of coffee each day. There are many reasons why we love coffee but business owners across the country have an extra reason to love the black liquid – coffee is extremely beneficial for employees, increasing their productivity and their happiness. So, in case you didn’t know, here is why you should check out the wholesale coffee suppliers in Utah and order your favourite brand for your office.

Boost the productivity of your company

As the best coffee roasters in Utah will tell you, coffee consumption helps maintain people alert. The caffeine contained by various types of coffee boosts your employees’ central nervous system and improves their short-term memory and problem-solving abilities. Besides the effects of caffeine, coffee also has a social function which, as shown in a 2010 study, helps your employees become more productive. During a coffee break they share work-related experiences and tend to brainstorm, which leads to an increase in their job performance.

Reduce the lost work time

Without an office coffee machine at their disposal, your employees will take a break to get their hot drink. Instead of a productive and potentially illuminating coffee break, they could end up losing more than half an hour by going to the local coffee shop, waiting in line and then returning with their drink. Check out the coffee beans supply in Utah and, if you don’t own an office coffee machine, get one as soon as possible.

Help your employees be happier & more comfortable

According to a study by the National Institute for Health, caffeine helps people with office jobs alleviate the back pain associated with desk work. If your employees drink their coffee before sitting at their office to perform their daily activities, they could be more comfortable and, as a result, work better.

Retain your employees easier

An office coffee machine is a simple and efficient way of letting your employees know that you care about them and pay attention. It may seem like a small perk, but people love having a coffee machine at their disposal. Whether you order whole bean coffee in Utah or other varieties, be sure that the people working in your company will perceive this gesture as a sign of appreciation from your part.

Reduce stress in the office

Wholesale coffee suppliers in Utah know that the mere aroma of freshly brewed coffee can improve the mood of anybody. This happens because the coffee odour stimulates proteins with antioxidant properties, which, in turn, protect the nerve cells from stress-related damage. As a result, a simple cup of coffee can relieve your employees of stress and improve the overall mood in the office.

Best coffee supplier in Utah

We are the best coffee wholesaler in Utah and we offer our clients a diverse selection of coffee beans supply. Check out our gourmet products and benefit from office coffee delivery in Utah. We promise you that our coffee will make your employees look forward to coming to work every single day.