Coffee Brewing Business in Utah – 3 Interesting Coffee Drinking Habits

If you are in the coffee brewing business in Utah, you can probably tell how most of your customers prefer to take their coffee. Some drink it black, others add sugar or milk. But these are far from being the only options. In fact, here are some strange coffee drinking habits that may offer you some ideas to surprise your clients.

Bulletproof coffee

No, it’s not made of Kevlar, but it is one of the most interesting coffee drinking habits. Next time you stock your coffee supplies in Utah, add butter to that list. Yes, you read it correctly. Some people prefer to add butter to their coffee instead of milk. They do so because they believe the butter slows down the release of caffeine making its effects last longer. Other people say that adding butter to your daily cup of coffee boosts the body’s fat-burning process and improves the cognitive abilities. We are not sure if it does all these, but what we can say is that the butter will cut the bitterness in the coffee and offer it a creamy texture. There is no harm in getting some butter after you visit your coffee supply store in Utah and offering it to your clients to sample the taste. You may even earn some new customers this way.

Egg Coffee

As opposed to bulletproof coffee whose inventor is unknown, egg coffee is quite common in Vietnam. To create this blend, you have to whip together condensed milk and egg yolk until you get a creamy concoction. Then you pour the freshly brewed coffee into it. The taste and texture are similar to what it happens when you add whipped cream to your coffee. Egg coffee is a healthier alternative, though, because the concoction contains less fat than whipped cream. Just go to your coffee supply store in Utah, get the condensed milk and then some eggs from your local grocery. You can prepare this concoction in your coffee shop and ask your clients to sample it.

Lime espresso

As it turns out, lime is good not only for tequila shots, but also for espresso ones. Many people in the beverage delivery service in Utah know this. After you drink an espresso shot, nibbling on a lime wedge helps to reduce the bitterness and to get a fresh taste in your mouth. This is why many people prefer to have a bit of lemon or lime at their disposal after drinking an espresso shot.

Coffee supplies for coffee shops in Utah

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