Buy Lavazza Coffee in Utah & Learn its History

Lavazza is a world-famous brand cherished by coffee lovers everywhere. Many coffee shops use it because of its distinctive aroma and unique qualities. And while coffee drinkers love Lavazza for its fantastic properties, not many of them know its charming history and how it came to be one of our favourite coffee brands. As it happens with every coffee roasting company in Utah, the story of Lavazza started with a great passion.

Luigi Lavazza and his unique blends

We are in 1895 in Turin. This is the year when Luigi Lavazza a local businessman decided to open his coffee store on a quiet and beautiful street named San Tommaso. But Luigi Lavazza didn’t want just another coffee store. You see, he was passionate about the roasted beans used to brew the now most popular drink in the world. He started studying the coffee plants based on their origins and this is how he discovered that coffee tastes differently according to where it is grown. Today you know where you get your coffee bar supplies in Utah and you have access to all the information you need. But this was more than 120 years ago and it was a tremendous effort for Luigi Lavazza to learn everything he could about coffee. He did it anyway.

This is how he created Lavazza’s famous blends. After taking a trip to Brazil he understood how important coffee would come to be and a great idea was born. Luigi Lavazza decided to combine coffees from different parts of the world in his quest to create the perfect blend. After everything was ready, he started to advertise his store by sending price lists through post.

From a small store to a company

Today many coffee shops use Lavazza coffee beans and equipment in Utah, but this wouldn’t have been possible if Luigi Lavazza, with the help of his wife, Emilia, and his children Maria, Giuseppe and Mario didn’t found the Lavazza Company in 1927. It was during this time when the company invented Pergamin – a new type of packaging which contained two layers of paper and allowed for the coffee’s flavour to be retained much longer. If you are part of a coffee beverage delivery program in Utah, you know exactly how important packaging is. With Pergamin, Luigi Lavazza was able to sell larger quantities of coffee and so his business flourished.

The company becomes a brand

Any coffee roasting company in Utah knows the beautiful Lavazza tin containers. It was 1949 when Lavazza patented their cylindrical container with a pressure cover. From that moment, the company invested in publicity to make sure that everybody in Italy knew about Lavazza. And they did. Today among our coffee bar’s supplies in Utah you can find Lavazza coffee. After all, this is the company who also invented the pressurised vacuum tins, the Autobar, and, of course, unique blends that we continue to love today.

Coffee beverage delivery program in Utah

Next time you buy Lavazza coffee in Utah, know that you are also buying a piece of history – this is what this brand means to coffee enthusiasts around the world. Whether you need commercial coffee equipment, espresso coffee delivery in Utah or to restock your coffee shop supplies, you can count on us to offer you the best products on the market, including a wide selection of Lavazza coffee. Check out our products and let us know how we can help you.